CARA NEWHART | Never Skip Brunch Blog - A life and style dossier by Cara Newhart
CARA NEWHART | Never Skip Brunch Blog - A life and style dossier by Cara Newhart

A life + style dossier by Cara Newhart.

Created for the girl who wants to be bold and fearless with her style, who loves originality, who is brave enough to try new trends, and lives a life full of fun and adventure.



I'm Cara, a color + prints enthusiast. I'm the founder + editor of Never Skip Brunch.

Never Skip Brunch is a fashion & lifestyle dossier, launched in 2016 as a space for bold women looking to become fearless with their style. You'll find style advice, lifestyle tips & tricks, beauty favorites, deals & giveaways, and more to help you explore new trends and define your personal style.

My goal for this space is to inspire others to find self-love through being brave with their style.



All recommendations featured on this blog are a true representation of my style. Some of the items featured may be gifted or sponsored, but I choose these collaborations carefully not only based on the fact that I love them but because I know you as my followers will love them too. I will always give you my honest feedback. Brands make it possible for me to do this as a career, but you're the reason I even have a blog in the first place. See my terms of use for disclosures and more info or visit my disclaimer page if you're a brand.


Some of my best skills include shopping and snacking. I excel at drinking mimosas and I'm always down for a coffee break. I am a huge fan of BYOB (being your own boss). I'm the founder + Chief Creative Officer over at ROOTS Marketing Boutique.


I grew up southern. We got a little dressed up to go out to dinner and we didn't leave the house without putting our face on. I guess you could say we did things southern style.

I also grew up loving fashion. As a kid I modeled for a local boutique and later learned to sew from my grandma. I can still remember spending hours in her sewing room upstairs piecing together my own clothing which loosely imitated some of the fashion-forward elements of '00's style.

In college, my love for fashion began to grow and develop into my own personal style. I learned to really shop. I started establishing my wardrobe, starting with classic staple pieces and adding in trend pieces seasonally to experiment with defining my signature style.



Senior year, I started an online fashion boutique, Cara Diane + Co. I used my art background to create my own graphic tees and my photography training to capture products and develop content for my boutique's blog. After graduating, I did a stint in the corporate world, but eventually left the 9-5 to pursue life as an entrepreneur.


I started getting requests from brands to feature their products and services on my boutique's blog. After saying no about a hundred times, I decided I needed an outlet for my own personal style & life that was separate from my brand. Never Skip Brunch was born.  

NSB has quickly become a resource for style advice, skincare & beauty tips & tricks, and lifestyle products & trends to help women live a beautiful and adventurous life.

XO, Cara Newhart - Never Skip Brunch Blog - Denver Blogger & Style influencer
the never skip brunch mantra - Cara Newhart

1. A girl should be two things: Herself & Unapologetic
2. Mimosas should be 90% champagne: the orange juice is just for color and a hint of vitamin C
3. Red lipstick fixes a bad hair day, anyday
4. It's never not snack time, and cupcakes are always worth it