Keep the Love Coming – Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub DIY (It’s super easy)

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DIY Spa - Valentines Day sweet sugar and salt scrub

Valentine's day is over, but you can keep the love coming with a little DIY spa. If you tuned into my V-day resolution post, you know that a spa day was one of my best tips for showing yourself a little more love. This Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt scrub is the perfect way to do that. Plus, it's a great way to repurpose and use up some of your roses from last week before they shrivel up. 



Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub

What You'll Need

1 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Coarse Pink Himalayan Salt
1/4 Cup Almond Oil
12 Fresh Rose petals
5-10 drops rose essential oil
Small Jar with lid
Food Processor

TIME: 5 min

STEP 01.
Measure out sugar, salt, and almond oil into the food processor.

I used regular white sugar and coarse pink sea salt - the kind that comes in a jar that you would put into a salt grinder. This gives the scrub a really good texture since when you run it through the food processor, the coarse grains grind up a little but are still big enough to exfoliate really well. The sugar gets really fine which helps the texture of the scrub so that it's not just large salt crystals.

Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub

Pick 12 rose petals from a rose & add them to the food processor.

It took me about one whole rose to get 12 petals. Just gently take the rose apart and use the freshest and largest petals. I used classic red roses, and my scrub turned out the really pretty deep purple color you see above. I think pink or white roses would be super pretty as well. If you try it with different roses, let me know!

Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub

Process in the food processor for about 30 sec to 1 minute.

You want to process it just long enough so that the rose petals are fully mixed in, and the salt grains have become smaller. Don't forget to add the essential oils in while its processing. 
Check the texture after 30 seconds then keep going if you think it needs more time. You can go longer than a minute if you want you scrub to be very fine-grained. I also like a pretty light scrub that isn't bogged down with oil. If you like your scrub a little thicker, you can just add almond oil 1 tsp at a time until you get the consistency you want.

Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub

Put it in a cute jar

I love this little jar because of the cute lid (it also comes in gold). I have about 3 of them in my bathroom that I use for body butters, lotions & scrubs. Not only are they way cuter sitting on the counter than lotion bottles, they make it way easier to access the products since the lid to this jar doesn't screw on, but just lifts on and off. If you want something that screws, you can use a little glass mason jar or this plastic jar with a lid.

Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub

Use on wet face, hands, or body. Scoop a little into your hands and scrub. Add water as needed. Rinse and pat dry.

Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub


You can also try my DIY Whipped Rose body butter recipe to go with your scrub! It was published on the Denver Style Magazine Blog earlier this month.

Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub

Did you try this DIY? What do you think?
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Rose Sugar Scrub | DIY Salt Scrub | DIY Skincare | Best scrub Easy Scrub DIY | Homemade Skincare | Sugar and Salt Scrub | Real Roses
Rose Sugar Scrub | DIY Salt Scrub | DIY Skincare | Best scrub Easy Scrub DIY | Homemade Skincare | Sugar and Salt Scrub | Real Roses
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