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Thanksgiving Traditions: The Great Pie Smash // Thanksgiving Casual Chic Look

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Happy Thanksgiving! I love snacks, especially dishes with loads of butter and carbs, so Thanksgiving is my favorite. I gain the "holiday 15" every year with no shame because it's almost winter and I'm getting my winter bod in shape.     But seriously, Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (Christmas is first, because duh). Today I'm breaking down how I styled this Thanksgiving casual look and where you can get it, and also talking about some of my favorite Thanksgiving…

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Sleigh the Holiday card game // Basic Invite

- Featured, Holiday, Lifestyle

a little note about Holiday cards Christmas cards are one of my favorite holiday traditions. I can remember as a kid helping my mom put together a family newsletter to be sent to family & friends with updates about each one of my siblings and parents' lives. In my pre-facebook childhood, the holidays were a time to reconnect with people you had been out of touch with during the year and share news about what happened in your life since…

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Mixing Patterns Like You Mean It // 3 Steps

- Fashion, Featured

STEP 01: CHOOSE ONE PATTERN AS DOMINANT The first step to mixing patterns is picking the one thats going to be the focal point of your look. A dominant pattern is the focus either because it's bolder, louder, or there's more of it than the other pattern(s). The dominant pattern will be the one that's the most eye catching or noticeable and it will command attention when you look at the outfit. Here's a few things you want to look…

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Black & White and Blush All Over // Fall Style

- Fashion, Featured, NYFW

FALL TRANSITION LOOKS     Fall transition looks seem to be all we talk about around this time of year. How do you take your summer wardrobe into fall and put a look together for when it's cool but not cold one day and it's warm but not hot the next? The easiest solution to this? Wear seasonally neutral colors and pick out a look that's got options so you can adapt it to temperature changes.      What is…

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Fall Trends // Neiman Marcus Runway

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    Time to talk fall trends. Even if your go-to every year is a PSL, leggings, and plaid, you'll still want to be in the loop for those days when you need to be chic, effortless, and on the edge of all the great trends happening this fall. First let's chat about my top 5 must-haves for this season, inspired by this runway collection, then I'll show you a couple shoppable looks to illustrate. Ready?  This Season's Must haves:…

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