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Thanksgiving Traditions: The Great Pie Smash // Thanksgiving Casual Chic Look

- Fashion, Featured, Holiday, Lifestyle

Happy Thanksgiving! I love snacks, especially dishes with loads of butter and carbs, so Thanksgiving is my favorite. I gain the "holiday 15" every year with no shame because it's almost winter and I'm getting my winter bod in shape.     But seriously, Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (Christmas is first, because duh). Today I'm breaking down how I styled this Thanksgiving casual look and where you can get it, and also talking about some of my favorite Thanksgiving…

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Sleigh the Holiday card game // Basic Invite

- Featured, Holiday, Lifestyle

a little note about Holiday cards Christmas cards are one of my favorite holiday traditions. I can remember as a kid helping my mom put together a family newsletter to be sent to family & friends with updates about each one of my siblings and parents' lives. In my pre-facebook childhood, the holidays were a time to reconnect with people you had been out of touch with during the year and share news about what happened in your life since…

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Breckenridge Day Trip // The Crown + Vintage Sweet & Chic

- Lifestyle, Travel
colorado day trips | breckenridge | thrillist denver guide | summer in breckenridge | maven drive | colorado drives

Day Trip to Breck I was raised in a small town, but it didn't take long for me to call the city home. One of the things I love most about living in Denver is being able to take a scenic day trip to a nearby mountain town.     This trip to Breck was initially part of a collaboration with Thrillist all about fall day trips to take around Denver, but I grabbed a couple blogger friends and connected with…

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An Ode to Inspiration // Inspire to Give Collection

- Fashion, Lifestyle

A little note on Inspiration Inspiration is a funny thing. It often hits us when we least expect it, and when we try to go searching for it we frequently seem to come up dry. Taking some time to reflect on all the people who have inspired us through our lifetime can be a pretty incredible experience. Not only are we reminded of just how many people surrounded us and guided us in all the different choices we've made, we…

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Girls Night In // A Rooftop, Wine + Blogger Besties

- Events, Lifestyle

Girls Night In Every once in a while you need a relaxing girls night in with some wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, and some good laughs. My favorite thing about a girl's night in is being able to talk and dive deep with no distractions. Of course, nights out are a blast, but there is just something about a comfy couch and a great view with plenty of wine and snacks that brings you closer. It let's you dig a little deeper…

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Came to Vegas to Chill // Minus 5 Ice Bar

- Lifestyle, Travel

  Winter is here. I've never been a huge fan of the cold, but something about a hot summer's day has me doing this thing  I do every year where I start wishing it was cold out so I could bundle up and snuggle by the fire with some hot tea. That winter wish came true when I was invited to Minus 5 Ice Bar in Vegas last week. Well...sans warm fire and hot tea, but plus I'd call it…

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Office Design + Reveal

- Lifestyle
Office Reveal | super cute office | office decor ideas | girlboss office | womens office

Today I'm so excited to finally be able to share my re-designed office space with you! This space has been in the works since we first started designing our house and it was such a fun process to put together ideas and design plans as it was getting built. If you follow my instagram, you know that we officially moved in at the very beginning of June. It's taken me a couple months of planning, ordering, waiting on shipping, and…

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My Smile Story

- Beauty, Lifestyle
teeth whitening | at home teeth whitening | Smile Brilliant | Custom teeth Whitening trays | whitening gel | best teeth whitener | At home custom whitening

Time to talk about smiles. Cue all the cheesey smile quotes here about how a smile is the best thing you can wear, they never go out of style, they're the best first impression you can ever leave, etc. But in all honesty, my smile is one of the main things that helps me feel confident and beautiful. As a little bit of an introvert, I find myself hiding behind my smile when meeting new people. I'm also one for…

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Wedding Getting Ready Party + Bridesmaid Gifts

- Events, Lifestyle
wedding getting ready party | wedding day | bridesmaids party | get ready party for wedding | bridesmaids getting ready

Of course I'm marrying the man of my dreams, but my wedding day wouldn't be my wedding day without my girls. Luckily, these 7 babes said yes to flying all the way out to Hawaii to be by my side at our wedding. (P.S. for all of you that have been asking, YES there will be a full wedding post coming soon!) Getting Ready Of course, we had to have a little getting ready party, which consisted of the usual things. Scampering around between…

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The Story of How I Met My Guy + Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

- Gift Guides, Lifestyle
Valentines gift ideas for him | men's watch | unique watch | wood watch | Swell Bottle | man crates | Valentine gift ideas for guy | Vday gifts for husband | Vday Gifts for boyfriend | Never Skip Brunch Blog | Cara Mcintire | Denver Fashion & lifestyle Blogger | Denver Blogger Photographer

It's almost Valentines Day! Of course its my favorite, there is chocolate and flowers and sappiness. I'm finally looking for gifts for my guy a little early this year, so I'm not cutting it close like usual. So today, in the spirit of sappiness, I'm sharing the story of how I met my man + a mini gift guide that includes my favorite picks for gifts to give your guy for Valentine's Day. How I met my "Human" ​Stage 1:…

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